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US Invention, Patent & Certifications

US Inventor & Patent

Gene O'Donnell, of Fredericksburg, Virginia, is the inventor and patent owner of this ballistic folding shield for Law Enforcement personnel. The Patent Number is US 6,990,887 B1. 

Gene had a distinguished 32-year career at the FBI Laboratory Unit Supervisor, Special Projects Unit, in Quantico Virginia. Gene was nominated four times for the FBI Director’s Award, and was a FBI nominee for the Department of Justice Lifetime Achievement Award. Gene is currently a Freelance Consultant and a Forensic Artist.

The folding shield invention was subsequently developed to a full product, under the name « Cop Shield ».  These Shields are now being US manufactured, and will be commercialized by Cop Shield USA (CSU) in the summer of 2018.

Testimonial by Gene:
« Guy never quits, ever. Intelligent, friendly and tenacious best explain Guy, who is the CEO of Cop Shield USA. »


National Institute of Justice (NIJ) Level IIIA

There are several Levels of certification such as NIJ Level I, II, IIA, IIIA, III and IV for police officer protective equipment such as vests, shields and helmets. The Cop Shield was designed and manufactured to meet Level IIIA, which is the most prevalent level used by police forces. This ballistic level capability provides protection against most handgun and shotgun threats.

See Illustration.

For NIJ information as to the ballistic requirements to meet those Levels, please refer to:

CSI had several prototypes manufactured prior to the 2018 production stage. Two previous protos were successfully tested by two North American approved test centers including HP White Laboratory, Inc. which is located in Maryland.

The final production ballistic shield will be tested a final time by a US approved test center, prior to sales.