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In 2017 Cop Shield USA (CSU) was incorporated in the State of Connecticut.   CSU’s headquarters, based in Vernon, is in the process of gearing up for all activities such as current and future R&D, design and product development, manufacturing (subcontracted), assembly, marketing and sales.

Its « Cop Shield » is a U.S. invented and patented, light, foldable, and user friendly police ballistic shield.  It is a NIJ Level IIIA shield, and it weighs only 6 ½ lbs, without the holding pads.  There is no other light and foldable ballistic shield on the market.  It is designed to complement the ballistic vest, and to be a tool/resource that law enforcement officers can use daily in performing their duties.  

In January 2018, CSU retained the professional services of Richard V.C. Busick, as its President. His law enforcement career covers more  than 35 years.   Throughout his law enforcement career Rich was afforded numerous opportunities to demonstrate his leadership and management skills to municipalities in both Connecticut and New Hampshire. Richard served in many capacities throughout his law enforcement career, from Police Officer to Police Chief. Since retiring from law enforcement, Rich has been employed in Hospital Security.  

Richard has been collaborating with Cop Shield USA’s CEO for several months in preparing and implementing the creation of CSU, a new U.S. ballistic shield designer and manufacturer.

In the same month, CSU retained the services of Deborah L. Busick, who is now Vice President Finance & Administration. Deborah has a demonstrated history as a professional and competent Legal Administrator, Office & Financial Manager. In addition,  Deborah has been an « accomplice » for 40+ years in the law enforcement domain, as the life partner of Richard, and the mother of a current 20+ year veteran law enforcement officer.

If you would like to know more about the numerous police applications for the Cop Shield,
you can view our YouTube video, « The Cop Shield Advantage »