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As a law enforcement NIJ rated ballistic shield manufacturer, Cop Shield USA is designated an Essential Business and we continue to build and ship our ballistic shields.

The Company

In 2017 Cop Shield USA (CSU) was incorporated in the State of Connecticut. CSU’s headquarters, based in Vernon, is responsible for all activities such as current and future R&D, design and product development, manufacturing (subcontracted), assembly, marketing and sales.

Richard Busick

CSU retained the professional services of Chief (Ret.) Richard Busick, as its President. His law enforcement career covers more than 35 years.   Throughout his law enforcement career Rich was afforded numerous opportunities to demonstrate his leadership and management skills to municipalities in both Connecticut and New Hampshire.

Richard has been collaborating with Cop Shield USA’s CEO for two years in preparing and implementing the creation of CSU, a new and innovative U.S. ballistic shield designer and manufacturer.


Jim Bremner

Chief Instructor and Tactical Consultant to the TV Series FLASHPOINT

In 2020, CSU added to its team Jim Bremner as our Cop Shield Training Manager and Instructor. Jim has a rare and excellent combination of LE and Military personnel Training, over 35 years.  For more information on CSU’s Cop Shield Training capability, please visit the next pages.