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The Cop Shield is a new concept whereby all police officers, on an everyday basis, can have quick access in their patrol car to a lightweight, foldable, ballistic shield which can be used for most situations that can become life threatening at any time
such as :
Crisis Intervention, Domestic Disturbance Calls, Warrant Service, Felony Stops, and Active Shooter.

  1. SROs in public and private schools, as well as colleges and university safety departments;
  2. Court security personnel assigned to protection of judges;
  3. Churches and others houses of worship having personnel assigned to the protection of their institutions and congregations;
  4. De-escalation, containment and restraint of highly unstable persons;
  5. First Responder Medics during an active shooter staging scene;
  6. Street level narcotics vehicle takedowns, buy-busts, search warrant executions and other undercover operations;
  7. Sky Marshalls on aircrafts;
  8. Homeland Security officers at Border Protection check points;
  9. Police motorcycles;
  10. Police helicopters;
  11. Police marine patrol boats;
  12. Certain SWAT operations;
  13. Bus, train, aircraft and subway boarding with narrow aisles to confront an offender;
  14. Protective service details;
  15. And more.

Based on its original 2006 patent design and objectives, the Cop Shield in 2018 is the best user friendly "Every Day, Multi-Task" Lightweight Police Ballistic Shield on the market.

If you would like to know more about the numerous police applications for the Cop Shield, you can view our YouTube video, « The Cop Shield Advantage »

The Cop Shield's key objective is to save police officer lives, as well as the lives of others, with its terrible human and financial consequences to families, their organizations, and to society at large.

In order to meet this objective, the Cop Shield was designed and manufactured in the US from the ground up for an "Every-Day and Multi-Task" use by police officers on patrol as well aforementioned applications.

This ballistic shield has many advantages:

  • It's not big and bulky: size is only 18” X 14" when folded and 18” X 28 when deployed, designed for easy access in patrol cars, e.g. the front passenger seat when the police officer is alone on patrol.
  • It weighs approximately 8 lbs, which is less than most similar sized shields and it can be stored in a large duty bag or a briefcase.
  • It has a new sleek, horizontal design, which provides a "user friendly" handling of the Shield, as opposed to vertical shields. 
  • Police and Security Forces will be able to have their own graphics on the Cop Shield.
  • It provides protection from knifes and other handheld weapons, or objects thrown at the officer.
  • A Barrier, i.e. there is now a barrier, a "portable go-to-cover", between the officer and the suspect, which police officers do not have at the moment. The ballistic vest is essential and should be worn; the Cop Shield is complementary, as it provides a barrier against dangerous felons with a gun or other deadly weapon.