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Jim Bremner, Chief Instructor

Tactical Consultant
to the TV Series FLASHPOINT

"Simply put, the Cop Shield is a new tool to aid in the protection of police officers, and a life saving resource."


Jim has over 25 years experience in law enforcement. He has served in uniform patrol, SWAT: as a gun team member, team leader, sniper, rappel master, explosives technician; and Gang Task Force: weapons technician and tactical trainer. Through his own private company he has provided tactical training and instruction for various police, military and security agencies throughout North America and abroad.

After analyzing and manipulating the Cop Shield we concluded that indeed it is a new, unique and innovative, portable and foldable ballistic protective technology.  Law enforcement statistics prove that new equipment technology and officer training save police officers’ lives. Survival rates of officers involved in lethal encounters favor those who embrace the latest in ballistic technology and commit time to training with the latest equipment.
"The Cop Shield is the next evolution in officer safety and a Paradigm Shift. This will have an important impact on Law Enforcement Training.

The Cop Shield provides a user friendly portable "Go to Cover" for the police officer, which did not exist before." 

Cop Shield is designed for unexpected situations. It is a lightweight, portable, foldable shield specifically designed (it meets NIJ Level IIIA) for frontline patrol officers. Larger shields can only be stored in the car trunk, whereas the Cop Shield, with its smaller size, is readily available e.g. in the front passenger seat. Market research indicates that police officers patrol alone in their cars over 80% of the time. The Cop Shield will be their portable ‘Go to Cover ’- an option not currently available.

The Shield’s design and weight allows officers to deploy this shield on an everyday basis for traffic stops, domestic disturbances, other disturbance calls, and high risk warrant arrests.

The phenomenon of ‘Active Attacker’ (killer) incidents has caused a paradigm shift in law enforcement response to these critical incidents.  One lesson we, as law enforcement officers, have learned from ‘Active Attacker’ is that there may be very little—or no time—for a SWAT team call out. Police often have only between 2 and 11 minutes to intercept the threat and neutralize the individual in order to limit the number of casualties. Specialized units often arrive too late!

The very nature of the ‘Active Attacker’ means that police forces have had to call upon and rely on frontline patrol officers to perform the lion’s share of the work in this high threat environment. Realizing this, many law enforcement agencies introduced training for frontline officers in ‘Active Attacker Response’ and have looked at equipping patrol cars with extra body armor and other specialty equipment. 

Equipping patrol vehicles with the Cop Shield would give first responding officers a distinct advantage as Cop Shield protects a large surface and creates a new barrier for the felon. He may hesitate or change his mind because he is now clearly at a disadvantage. Having immediate access to the Cop Shield would assist officers in being prepared and protected should they find themselves among the first to arrive at an ‘Active Attacker’ call.
From my many years in the tactical community I have learned that the strategy and tactics we use must have a high probability of success to accomplish our operational objectives. The addition of the Cop Shield goes a long way to increasing our operational readiness.