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The Cop Shield


The Shield is especially designed for patrol officers to utilize for vehicle approaches and many types of police walk-ups that can become life threatening, with no notice, a split second decision, and nowhere to hide!  Similar to the ballistic vest 20 years ago, the Cop Shield will become an added barrier and protection, essential for everyday dangerous and life threatening working situations.

A lightweight NIJ Level IIIA ballistic shield is now recommended as a "must" by credible organizations such as PoliceOne and Police Magazine. Articles are available in the 'Articles page".
Lightweight, easier to hold and manipulate horizontally, as opposed to vertically, the Cop Shield gives officers additional protection and, especially, the second(s) necessary to react to various daily threats such as criminal gunfire.

Not only will the Shield protect against multiple kinds of hand guns and other dangerous weapons, it will have the further potential of being used as an offensive tool, if necessary. With proper Ballistic Shield training, it will play this dual role.

Shield Description

This Lightweight, Foldable, Tactical Ballistic Shield weighs 8 lbs. The Shield when folded occupies a small space, 18 inches by 14 inches.  The Shield dimensions when opened are 28 inches by 18 inches.

The Cop Shield holding system is new, and innovative. It is the only system on the market whereby a police officer can adjust the holding pads to their own liking, i.e. customized, and leave them there as long as desirable.     

The Cop Shield is a high tech designed, lightweight composite, foldable, police patrol ballistic shield that will increase the safety of police officers on patrol. With a minimum of training, it will no doubt reduce the number of officers feloniously killed year after year, and many more maimed for life.
Every police officer faces threats on a daily basis. While officers are outfitted with quality bullet proof vests, being in possession of a shield will offer another level of protection, a portable "go-to-cover" capability. The shield is not meant to replace vests, but to complement them.
The Shield offers a level of protection to National Institute of Justice (NIJ) Level IIIA, against ballistic threats.

Charlotte, North Carolina

Composite Materials

The composite materials are supplied by Barrday Corporation from its Charlotte, North Carolina plant. Barrday is an advanced material solutions company with over fifty years of experience and multiple manufacturing facilities within North America, plus another facility in Europe. All facilities are ISO 9001 certified, and AS 9100 where required.