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As a law enforcement NIJ rated ballistic shield manufacturer, Cop Shield USA is designated an Essential Business and we continue to build and ship our ballistic shields.

Cop Shield LE Training

Jimmy Bremner is a Canadian author and law enforcement specialist.

CSU has the pleasure to introduce Jimmy Bremner, as its Cop Shield LE Training Instructor and Manager. Indeed, we believe that, ideally, all LE officers purchasing our ballistic shield should seek a minimum of training from CSU (or other training organization) in order to quickly familiarize themselves with its unique features, capability and efficiency. This is applicable from both a defensive perspective, to a counter offensive perspective.

Jimmy Bremner is a 35-year veteran of the Toronto Police Service. His expertise is sought by law enforcement, military, security and private companies worldwide to deliver training that is second to none. Jim provides tactical training and instruction for various police, military and security agencies, as well as the film and television industry throughout North America and abroad.

Bremner, who joined the police service in 1986 and has served on one of Canada’s most elite special weapons and tactics teams, penned Crack in the Armor: a police officer’s guide to surviving post traumatic stress disorder.

Law enforcement career

During his 25 years in law enforcement, Bremner has served in uniform patrol and SWAT, as a gun team member, team leader, sniper, rappel master, less lethal chemical and specialty impact munitions instructor and explosives technician.

He was also assigned to the Gun Gang Task Force as a weapons technician and tactical trainer, and later assigned as a Use of Force and Firearms instructor at the police academy. At the academy, Bremner was responsible for delivering advanced training to members of special operations units in preparation for high risk deployments such as Afghanistan.

Bremner also has extensive knowledge in the area of Close Personal Protection. He has been responsible for organizing and training personal security details for deployment in Turkey, Lebanon and India.

Martial Arts and Unarmed Combat

Bremner has more than 30 years of extensive martial arts and unarmed combat experience in Tae Kwon Do, Jiu Jitsu, Washu Kung Fu and Israeli Krav Maga, and is certified by Israeli Special Forces instructors.

On behalf of CSU, Jim will be happy to provide, free of charge, a short Cop Shield Introductory training to individual LE officers buying our shield. For officer groups (3+), Jim will offer additional information and/or implement a training regimen tailored specifically to your needs,  on a Consulting basis.

Bremner has authored Crack in the Armor: a police officer’s guide to surviving post traumatic stress disorder, his true story of strength and courage as an officer who fought to overcome Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and won.

He has co-authored, along with Dr. Sean P. O’Brien, an article entitled ‘PTSD and the Police’ that has been published in several law enforcement publications. Bremner was also the tactical consultant for the CTV/CBS hit TV series, Flashpoint.